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Busca Un Problema is a Playset for Fiasco Classic inspired by 2000s Mexican dark comedies, like Matando Cabos, Nicotina and Rudo y Cursi.

In this playset you'll find tables for: Relationships, Needs, Locations and Objects. All locations are based in real places around México City. You will need the Fiasco Classic rules in order to play with this.

In your download you'll find the playset in both Spanish and English.

If you speak Spanish and are familiar with Mexican expressions I strongly recommend you play using that document.

Content Warning: substance use, organized crime, strong language, infidelity, kidnapping.

Note: The 2000s were a complicated time in México, kidnappings, missing people, extortion and the rise of modern drug cartels are sad staples of the time. Meanwhile the national film industry, directly tackling this issues, served as a means of catharsis for thousands of people. This playset is not an idealized version of the time, neither it intents to make light of such complicated issues. It is an homage to that era of film making and must not be used to invalidate the experiences of the many people who suffered or keeps suffering as a consequence of the time.

Busca Un Problema: The Playlist

A two hour long playlist with music that would have played in national radio at the time is available in Spotify and YouTube Music

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